Welcome To Jacksonville, North Carolina

Are you thinking of moving to Jacksonville, North Carolina, and wonder what it’s like? In this episode of Covering Coastal Carolina, I’m going to give you a rundown of exactly what it’s like to live in Jacksonville. We’ll look at everything from location and amenities to home prices so you can see if this city is right for you.

Welcome To Jacksonville

Jacksonville is located on the east coast right next to the ocean. We're surrounded by several well-known beaches, including Emerald Isle and Topsail Beach. Some other very popular cities are Swansboro, Hollyridge, and Sneads Ferry.

One of the reasons people love living in this location is the vicinity of the beach. Where else can you clock out of work and be at the beach within 20 minutes? Depending on where you live, the commute to work is most likely just a short 15-minute drive into town.

Jacksonville is in the heart of many other small towns and has tons of businesses. We also have a regional airport in the Jacksonville area and a much larger airport in Raleigh, which is only about two hours away.

Housing Costs

Now that you know about the location, let’s talk about the cost of housing in Jacksonville. The price of housing can vary, so if you need additional information, I’d be happy to send you more specifics. However, here are some general pointers.

The average three-bedroom, single-family home in Onslow County is about $185,000. A two-bedroom townhouse in the same area is about $135,000. If you're looking to rent in the area, you can plan on spending anywhere between $150 on the low end to about $1,800 on the high end. A good rule of thumb in pricing is that houses get more expensive the closer to the beach that you get.

Amenities And Neighborhoods

What’s the lifestyle in Jacksonville, and who does the area tend to attract? This city is known for its beach and proximity to water. Many of the residents here own kayaks and boats, love to surf, and have tons of fishing gear to take advantage of life on the water.

On any weekend during the warmer months, you can probably find most people at the beach soaking up the sun. Additionally, the area schools are a really big deal for families. Our neighborhoods are surrounded by top-rated schools. So if you're planning to relocate to the Jacksonville, North Carolina area and are interested in what neighborhoods are close to great schools, let me know and I’d be happy to provide you with that information.

Enjoy Coastal Carolina Living

I hope this gave you a good overview of what life is like here in Jacksonville, North Carolina. If you have any additional questions about the area, please feel free to reach out and ask. I can send you whatever information you need, and I’m happy to help you get to know the area. As always, if we can help you move in, move out, move up, or move on, we're always here to help.

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