3 Reasons NOT To Move To Jacksonville, NC

Are you thinking about moving to Jacksonville, North Carolina, and want to get real, honest answers on what it's like to live here? In this episode of Covering Coastal Carolina, I'm going to give you three reasons not to move to Jacksonville to see if you still want to move here. We’ll cover everything from floods to the lifestyle, so you know exactly what to expect.

Hurricane Season

Jacksonville is a lot of things, but here are three things that it's not. More importantly, these may be reasons that you decide not to move here—starting with hurricane season.

About half the year is spent on hurricane watch here in North Carolina. Before you buy a house, you need to be aware of the flood zones and which properties require you to carry flood insurance. You can get more information on flood zones in Onslow County by visiting the FEMA website.

I know what you're thinking: hurricanes are not fun. But it's the price that you have to pay to have your own home sweet home here on the coast.

Small-Town Living

The second reason not to move to Jacksonville is that it is a smaller city. If you're looking for big city life, we aren't for you. And while yes, we do have shopping and plenty of Starbucks, we don't have huge malls and land that's overgrown with commercial buildings.

Don't get me wrong; this small-town feel is why most locals love living here. But if you're looking for an area that's similar to New York, Los Angeles, or even Charlotte, that ain’t us.

Patriotic And Proud

The last reason not to move to Jacksonville is that we love America. We support the troops, we stand for the pledge, we put our hand over the heart for the anthem, and we embrace the sound of Freedom Sundays.

For most of us, that's our everyday life. I believe we bleed red, white, and blue. It’s all about beers, brats, and a bunch of American-loving folks. And if that's not something that you can get on board with, then Jacksonville likely is not the place for you.

Is Jacksonville Right For You?

If those things did not scare you away from moving to Jacksonville, then I think you would love it here. If you have any additional questions about Jacksonville, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask. I can send you whatever information that you need, and I'm happy to help you get to know our area. If I can help you move in, move out, move up or move on, let me know. I'm always here to help.

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